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About Grand View Pharmacy

Regarding Us:

We are here to merge our strong desire with the proficiency to give netizens a chance looking for customized and curing drugs. Every individual has its necessity and we respect that, so, we provide the same according to your need to fulfill your essentials.

What we execute?

With the expertise in preparing drugs according to the specific need of patients, we give assurance of quality and safety. We are keen to search the root of disease so that we can provide compounded drugs to them who do not meet needs of commercial medications. This quality makes us unique among others.

Why choose us?

The most salient thing to consider is safety and quality in case of medication, which we assured you. Our special team takes care of standard and security of all the drugs. And we are always ready to help you out in case of any query.

Important Statement

As License of the Pharmacy We assure that upon the request of the patient, the name of pharmacist and License number will be provided if required.

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Proprietor's Name : Zank Consulting inc, Proprietor's Representative: Kamran Maqbool, Business Address : 12307, 63 AV NW T6H1R4


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